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Ok so now this blog is no longer for my modules that i did.  So yup, i decided to blog again after a time lapse. It's so sudden no? Well I realised why I blogged in the first place:

1) When reading back old post i remembered who i was
2) A lot of my memories don't like to stay
3) It feels nostalgic
4) I'm funny

So yeah i guess i'll be doing a scene of my life again.

Recent post starts after this one.

Can comment if you want. You can post as anonymous user but be sure to live your name at the bottom.

Besok Raye!!! (Literally)

Last day of Ramadhan

Hari Raya eve is really REALLY not a good day for semester end presentation. Busy preparing for Hari Raya, who got time to prepare for presentation. Just my luck that my Microsoft Office is version 2003. I really can't do much. Feng Yuan seems pretty upset with me. The person in my group who is actual calm and patient is actual Abdul, not Feng Yuan although people look at them and guess the opposite. Of course I'm the lazy one. I just want the presentation to end quickly and be on my way.

Bought an 8gb micro SD card and a 500gb HD yesterday. The micro SD is for my new phone, which my mum bought out of impulse since her friend don't want it and offer her at a quite cheap price. It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace, quite happy with it. I don't really need fancy phone. Emily better change her phone since I already change mine. We always tend to change phone at the same time haha (and at almost same model and brand). Now the HD is for my movie storage. Gonna spend the holiday watchig movie like a boss.


Hello empty section again hahahaha. Gonna be pretty awkward if I saw her again. Maybe it would be better I had not known the truth...no, it's best that I know.

The voting I missed

What title says~

<Drama> Damn I just wanted to take a short nap then go vote but I ended up sleeping all the way!  What's going to happen to me? Am I going to be interrogated and be detained for my crimes? I have no choice but to move to another country, start a new identity and get a new face. </Drama>

Well I would have voted for TJS. I mean 3 days ago, I shook his hand in the MRT. I repeat; shook his hand in the freaking MRT! There I was sitting in the MRT, listening to music and playing my DS. Then suddenly, I was given a flyer by one of his supporter(?). I thought he was just promoting so I got back to my game. Then the man himself appeared. Everybody, the guy beside and me immediately kept our stuff and be prepared to greet him with our silly faces. Quite a nice chap I must say.

Stayed over in school last Friday to do my painting. The result sucks! Ah I wish I could do better. Glad I was accompanied. Didn't expect to see Joy there.


Hmmmm..... Empty though i kind of miss her... a lot.

Nuts Matsuri

Was hungry and nothing was agreeing with my stomach

Natsu Matsuri today (or a while ago). I really don't know why i go there. I mean when i reached there the first thing i did was watched Taiko kids and then sat down, look at the sky and yawn. Maybe i felt obligated to go since i already (impulsely) bought the ticket already. Well i was late anyway so i missed a lot of things but it's not like I really wanted to be there... pointless! Yeah it was fun especially bon odori, getting too high dancing and singing without the effect of beer and magical mood enchancement. Even when up the stage to dance Soranbushi. Saw a lot of my acquaintance and friends. Didn't say hi to them though.

Naif and Alia really back out from break fast together. Oh well maybe next time since it was a sudden decision. Really nice to see Alia again~ 


This bottom section is kinda... dead haha! Anyway... yeah!

I... don't know what this is supposed to be....

^True that!

Ah... last Saturday it was JCC inaugural picnic at Sentosa. What a torture man! I was fasting hahaha! Ah it's been such a long time I swam in the sea. When the ball drifted away from us, i couldn't chase because i can't swim. More like i'll drown if i try. New members face, i really can't socialise anymore. I seem to have lost it. New faces don't know who i am but i'm glad a lot of the usual people turn up. Hmmm... when Isaac said there will be Japanese, i was hoping for them to be girls (shameless!) hahaha! Yeah it was fun! Gossiping with Kat, playing truth or dare until late hour, tasting free food and going home by taxi.

Man i think i'm gonna mug everday until late in school. I wish i had a study group or partner so it won't be lonely or scary (SCHOOL HAS VERY VERY VERY LONG HISTORY).


Ah what i fear came true... I'll have to thank Kat for that. Can't casually talk, go home or play with her anymore... I'll hurt my friend if i did... i don't know. I find friends to be more important... or it's just me don't want to feel guilty or being confronted. It was nice while it last. I'll miss you.

So sleepy

I can't let it go...

Ah I was so sleepy today. I accidentally slept twice while my head was suspended mid-air supported by my arm. When i woke up, there was this damn painful cramp! It felt like my whole bones are made of metal strings and there was someone strumming it. I wanted to scream away of the pain but I was too shy (teehee). Got people around. Wow it was really an incredible pain. Is that how menstruation felt like??

I never expected Joy to come so early. So i had a little chat with her at the study area in FC3. It's refreshing to hear opinions from freshie's point of view. HL still never bring my controller! Oh went home with Hui Xian. She look like she's dressed to kill... LIKE A BOSS! Haha interesting chat with her along the way. And she missed her bus because the bus change vehicle with only SSDC written on paper displayed. WHO COULD SUCH A SMALL PAPER?!!! She scold me because of it.

I should really stop procrastinating. It's not good for me and others. Slap myself if i have extra hands.


I really can't... i should stop doing this. I'll only hurt her and others around her. It's ok to hurt myself but it' not ok to hurt her. Should I just end it? I know i won't find anyone like her anymore...



It sure feel like not. Spent the whole holiday, which is the first time allowed ever since poly implement it, staying at home, rotting, and helping my uncle move stuff to his new house. It's been a bad month actually... last month wasn't so good either. I don't know what to do with my life anymore. I'm lazy, i don't want to work, i don't watch movies, don't want to play games, don't want to talk to people... i just want to lie down and stay motionless. I can't remember what i did these days... I'm losing myself.


I can't anymore... maybe it's my fault. She's drifting away... every moment. Shoot myself? At least climb and then i can jump off and shoot myself... that'll be an awesome suicide... heh, just kidding... i still want to live...

Day is done

Ok so i got a little lazy... ok a lot lazy but bunch of things to update: (i missed using colors as font for different days~)


Well it was Daiko training for freshies and also meeting with the company. I'm glad they didn't really burn me and gave different ideas for my work to improved. I should really be thankful for this opportunity. I have a resolve to really change my attitude because the current me right now is unacceptable. Other than that, i think the day went normal. I can't remember anything particular special that day... I guess this is why people keep daily journal?


I was rotting at home. Come to think of it, why do people used the word 'rot' to describe what we do at home?


It was my first time going out with Daiko freshies. I have to say i really enjoyed myself at the arcade there. I really didn't expect Crystal to be an arcade maniac! She's really good at Jubeat and Taiko no Tatsujin. She's been playing Jubeat since secondary 2. The rest well... quite normal. I think they're more afraid of me now they see me play all the games i played haha! I got full combo for Catharsis Garden for Drummania but it was in older version in Iluma so it wasn't saved. Tch... what a waste. Of course now i have to train Jubeat to beat Crystal. I don't like to lose with a big score different. Who knew Crystal is such a talkative chibi... kind of like Fang.


School start as normal but I slept in the clubroom for around 2 hours. Then i had this weird dream of Rona in her underwear. It was so weird! I guess sleeping in the clubroom has it effects. Damn now i want my own key. I got an art direction i can try to follow so i'm gonna finish it before class start today.

Oh it was Pei Chyi's birthday celebration! Ah~~~ My freshie and she will always be. I'm so proud of the fact that she stayed in Daiko. Sometimes i like to boast about her lol! Actually her birthday was last Sunday but Sunday is like a lazy day to go out... and stuff. Pizza Hut hell yeah i love pizza!!! Then arcade with HL. Played Taiko no Tatsujin and the first he accidentally select level 10! We both like cannot tahan already and i played until my body become senget. Well he treat me another round and that time it was pretty fun and ok! I think i want to practice Taiko no Tatsujin too~


That time she said, "You better stop doing this before you get hurt". I was quite taken back and kept silent.... I guess i'm an annoyance huh? I don't know how to talk to her anymore...

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